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For Builders and Developers

Escrow Services - Destin FloridaMcGill Escrow & Title has provided a “soup to nuts” representation of major builders and real estate developers along the Emerald Coast, in part through the joint venturing of legal work that is provided by our sister company, the law firm of Robert E. McGill, III, P.A.  Between the two companies, builders are represented from the time they begin to look for the acquisition of property and financing. The professionals of McGill Escrow & Title make sure that every real estate closing, whether it is the actual acquisition of the land or the closing of each home or condo to a purchaser, goes smoothly and seamlessly.

McGill Escrow & Title, through its escrow services, holds all the deposits for the builder (to the extent that such deposits are not waived) and then provides a monthly statement to each builder reflecting each deposit that is held in escrow and how much interest has been earned on that deposit.

McGill Escrow & Title will conduct each closing in such a manner that, you, the builder have complete peace of mind that the real estate closing will go smoothly and effortlessly and that the home or condo will close on a timely basis (provided the builder has obtained its C.O.).


Our goal is to provide you with

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